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QUESTION: With regard to guitar lessons, is a certain "style" of guitar playing more preferable?


ANSWER: Not really, but if you are serious about MASTERING the guitar, you'll probably want to learn CLASSICAL guitar.  This is true not only for guitar lessons but for virtually all music lessons (piano lessons, voice lessons, singing lessons, violin lessons, etc.).


Usually for guitar lessons you can just pick a style (i.e. acoustic, Christian worship, electric, rock, etc.), tell your guitar teacher (well, ASK, not tell...you want to be polite of course) to give you guitar lessons geared toward your desired style of guitar playing, and go from there.




If you want to be VERSATILE and be comfortable playing multiple different styles with other techniques, you will want to have a foundation in CLASSICAL guitar.  The complexities and requirements to learn classical guitar are quite rigorous with very high standards, so (generally speaking), once you've got a grasp of classical guitar playing, other styles are much easier to grasp and learn.


You will often encounter a "rock guitar" player or an "electric guitar" player (or even an "acoustic" or "Christian worship" guitar player) watch a classical guitar player WITH GREAT ENVY.  They'll usually say something like, "CLASSICAL guitar...now THERE's a guitar player!"


Naturally, classical guitar teachers are much more difficult to find (and usually cost a lot more money).


In addition to personal one-on-one guitar lessons, CLICK HERE for some very useful online resources.









“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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