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“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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7:59 AM (PST)


Welcome to our new blog!  Just a place to do Q&A and ramble on about music lessons, music teachers, music instructors (some prefer the word "instructor" as opposed to "teacher" - go figure!), music schools, music instruction, music training...ok you get the idea!  Alright, and not TOO much rambling, heheheh. 


One of the questions asked a lot is, "How important are music lessons?  Are they really THAT important?"


Without hesitation, the answer is an emphatic "YES!" 


Just do a quick Google search and you'll find article after article about how music (especially early on in childhood) helps develop a person's intellectual prowess and overall ability to learn and absorb (as well as retain) new information.  It's a no-brainer...music is VERY GOOD for your brain!


And it's not just an intellectual thing...music helps a person's emotional and spiritual development, too!  Again, just Google it!


Music has even been found to have healing and therapeutic attributes as well...just Google "music therapy."


Also, and this isn't to say anything against sports...just ask yourself what the chances are for a child to continue athletics througout their lives, even into retirement.  Not very high.  But what are the chances for a child to continue with music throughout their lives, even into old age?  Much, MUCH higher!


Again...nothing against athletics....the reason we mention sports is because of the unbalanced overemphasis of athletics over music (generally speaking) in the educational system (at least in the U.S.).  Many schools cut funding for music lessons and music programs, but often do anything and everything to maintain their sports departments.  While sports are good, and definitely help people develop physically and socially, one must not sacrifice the importance and value of music as a tool to aid in intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development - not to mention the value of music in establishing and maintaining mental as well as physical health.


Ok...enough rambling, LOL.


Is music important?  YES.


Is music really THAT important?  YES.


What should you do?


Get some music lessons (REAL music lessons, where the music teacher gives you their comlete and undivided attention).  And if private music lessons are out of your budget (or you would like to ADD to your music lessons and augment your music training), CLICK HERE for some very useful online resources.









“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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